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PDC Parts Logistics specializes in providing professional services in the area of logistics of automotive spare parts and is integrated in Company Group ROLF, one of the leaders of the Russian automotive market.

Background of over 15 years of success in the area of logistics allows PDC Parts Logistics to possess unique knowledge and experience in providing a full range of logistic services and development of complex decisions for their customers among which there are global car and components producers.

PDC Parts Logistics continuously invests in infrastructure development. We guarantee safety and stable price policy to our customers by possessing our own assets and long-term contracts with our partners and suppliers.

We are an experienced and reliable partner in the services sector able to ensure compliance with the highest requirements in the area of automotive business as well as necessary support for solution of numerous complex tasks in the area of logistics which one can face on the market. Our company is ready to do its best to meet your high requirements not only in logistics, perhaps you might be interested in such industry solutions as overnight delivery, next day delivery, stock management, stock management of complicated assortment, etc.