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Title: International System Development of Advanced Technologies Implementation in the Border RegionS (DATIS)

Lead Partner: Ioffe Institute

Partners: Lappeenranta University of Technology, AALTO University (Finland).

Implementation period: 29.12.2011 - 31.12.2014

Amount of EU grant: 744 620 €

Project aim: To set up a broad platform for long-term and sustainable cooperation between Russian and Finnish science and business societies for transfer of advanced technologies and effective use of Partners’ competences for implementation of joint projects.

Target groups: High education institutions (HEI), their professors and students. Research and development and innovation organizations / laboratories/ centers (R&D&I). Innovative and start-up small and medium sized companies (SME) and entrepreneurs.

Expected results:

1. The mechanism of joint use of the Finnish universities' technical facilities (virtual laboratory), scientists, researches (R&D&I), post-graduates and students run experiments is activated. Kit tools of methodical (APEM) and analytical materials are worked out.

2. International Innovation Service Center (IISC), which is responsible for internationalization of science and innovative business in the long run and provides sustainable development of partnership relations of the project participants and other project target groups after project ends, is functioning.

3. Web-service for remote learning and researches collaboration (datis.pro) is launched.

4. Not less than 3 innovative start-up companies are set up.