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The Velikiye Luki Machine-building Plant (Velmash-S Ltd.) and the Solombala Machine-building Plant (JSC SMZ) are the Russian leaders in manufacturing of hydraulic cranes. These plants are the part of Holding Company “Lifting Machines”, the Russian market leader in forest load handling solutions.
Product range of “Lifting Machines” includes:

    Forestry cranes
    Loader cranes
    Jaw timber over loaders
    MPR demountables (the analog of MULTILIFT system)
    recycling cranes

The company operates on a national scale with sales companies, representative offices, independed distributers all over the Russian regions. The company employs about 2500 people. Sales in 2007 amounted to 68 million USD.

Now days, «Lifting Machines” wants to be the preferred partner for customers not only from Russian Federation and CIS. Hereby we can explain our commitment to innovation and investments in manufacturing process and during the past decades.

Brands and product lines of Holding Company “Lifting Machines”:
Forestry cranes SF (by SMZ) and OMTL (by Velmash) are used in logging and timber transporting. These cranes are used in logging trucks, assortment trucks and forwarders. We produce cranes with loading moment from 30 to 140 KMn. We also produce grapples with sizes ranging from small to large. It is also possible to equipped forestry cranes with a cabin.
Loader cranes OMTL (by Velmash) are matched any customer applications, because design and development of every modification of the crane is a customer-oriented solution.
MPR(the analog of MULTILIFT) demountables. With the MPR demountable system one chassis can execute a great range of different tasks by using different container types.
Recycling cranes OMTL (by Velmash) are used in recycling industry by mounting on a chassis or stationary.