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  • Тип проекта:
    Социальная сеть / Интернет-магазин / Информационный сайт / Промо-сайт / Развлекательный сайт / Интернет-витрина / Корпоративный сайт / Коробочная версия
  • Тематика сайта:
    IT, Интернет, связь
  • Редакция продукта:
    Бизнес веб-кластер
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Founded in 2003, Extyl-PRO is a privately holded company with over 30 employees.

We make all kinds of web solutions - sites, intranet portals, social networks.

We also support, promote (through SEO and Direct/Adwords) sites, and are recommended Bitrix hosting provider. Besides, recently Extyl-PRO became official learning centre, offering several types of learning, from content management to advanced senior developer courses.
We became Gold Certified Bitrix partner in 2005, and from 2006 all our solutions are Bitrix-based.

All our sites are covered with two years of warranty, full packet of documentation and are basically SEO-optimized. Your website will be registered and indexed at once!