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Interpresent Group of Companies (GC) is 14 years of successful operation at the commercial and souvenir market, wide range of goods (over 5,000 items), developed system of branches and wide partnership network all over the country, cooperation with worldwide known trademarks like “Lecce Pen”, “Fruit of the Loom”, “SOL'S”, and “Bruno Visconti”.

The history of the company started back in 1998. During the period of its establishment and development at the advertising market, Interpresent GC focused on the distribution of personal organizers and calendar products. The company entered the third millennium by having significantly broadened the assortment, replenished by trademarks of European catalogues, and by having opened its first branch in Saint-Petersburg in 2000.

By this time a team of professionals has already been established and comprised of people sharing the same view, active life stand, and the aspiration for new horizons therefore helping to raise the company level at the commercial souvenirs market, provide its steady development and meet the expectations of contemporary society.

This time the company makes an important decision on diversification of business: a production complex for goods personalization is opened and the business trend got re-arranged for cooperation with advertising agencies.

In 2004 Happy Gifts catalogue comes into the world for the first time. It is focused on selling commercial and advertising products from stock. A bit later the company enters into agreement on exclusive distribution of writing utensils of Italian brand Lecce Pen and textile products of American brand Fruit of the Loom in Russia.

Later on the company management takes a strategic decision on extension of the company all over the country and construction of its own network of branches. In 4 years this resulted in opening branches in Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, and bit later in Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, and Perm. In 2008 representative offices of the company have been established in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

In 2010 the company opens a branch in Vladivostok, creates its own textile brand START and starts supplies to the CIS countries.

The year of 2011 was marked by the start of distribution of SOL’S textiles and supplies of writing utensils produced under its own brand В1 to the Eastern Europe.

The developed network of branches maintained by own warehouse facilities made it possible for the company to approach the target audience as close as possible, raise the level of service for its partners and reduce the supply terms to the minimum.

Today Interpresent GC is a stable, dynamically developing company combining 9 branches and widespread dealer network on the territory of Russian Federation and the neighboring countries. With a rich history and experience, it offers its customers exclusive terms of work, competitive prices, wide range of products and high quality souvenirs, quick response to orders, availability of products in stock in Moscow and regional warehouse network, marketing support, wide set of accompanying sign writing services and individual approach to every customer.